About Us

SMWaypoint is a high-technology firm delivering precision remote sensing throughout Cambodia. Our signature service offerings are tailored to meet customer demands in a variety of civil and commercial market verticals, including agriculture, land mapping, environment, forestry, oil/gas, utilities, mining, humanitarian/disaster response, and many others.

We combine satellite and optical imagery with airborne and ground data obtained by our fleet of unmanned aircraft to deliver a highly differentiated product that always returns value to our customers.


 Our Mission Statement


SMWaypoint’s Mission Statement SMWaypoint’s Mission Statement is simple. Our founder, H.E. SOK Puthyvuth, placed the advancement of the people of Cambodia as one of his highest priorities. This goal came from his father, H.E. SOK An. SMWaypoint’s Vision, Goal, and Mission is to bring the latest technology to the Cambodian people in a way that insures this technology is transferred to all the people, in all regions of the country, in all socio-economic levels, in every possible aspect of their lives, in the most meaningful way.

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